Hellbound & Down

by Black Dogs

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Soft music with biting words.
Playing in the field of folk music, while scratching at something new.

For optimal listening pleasure, turn it up loud and let the mood envelop you. Close your eyes, turn out the lights, commiserate, connect to something out there.


released April 1, 2016

Recorded, mastered by David Gervais at Swell Studios.
Beautiful album art created by Matthew Scott.
All songs written by Gavin Dyke/Black Dogs



all rights reserved


Black Dogs Ottawa, Ontario

Folk music. The familiar and the unknown.

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Track Name: Country Legend Desert Drifter Meets His Match
I’m hoping the rain don’t start in earnest
Til I make my way to you
I’m hoping the summer brings a long harvest
After the winter’s killing moon
I’m thinking the water at the swimming hole
Won’t stay too high for too long now
I’m banking on the king of dogs to stand by
And not let my baby drown

Darling they are chasing us away from the pond
But we have these distractions we’d stolen before we were gone
It’s now our only hope to push against the pulls
Darling we will be the sheep that wear the wolves

Damn cold wind been blowing
For days and days on end
It’s immortalized itself
Within the cracks within my hands
Damn crow been coming
To my window every spring
And I’ve already wasted too much time
Trying to figure out just what that means

We will dig our heels into the pagan soil
And pray for favourable winds and a fair recoil
When the dust has settled and our names have been hidden
Our story will live on in the rhyming games of children
Track Name: Dolor
What a strange world we live in
Hurtful words down every path
Hateful eyes around every bend
My neighbours more enemy than friend
Born free to live free, another mistaken identity
A phantom life of what I use to lead
Stumbles along beside me

To speak of law and morality
I must cover my ears and coat my teeth
What they say is right always feels wrong to me
I see peaks of their houses
As I pass by I lie in waiting
Wading through the lies
A bottom feeder til the day I die

To find pleasure and contentment
In the moment always fleeting
Is a most elusive and sought after feeling
We’re not entitled or lazy or spoiled, but scorned
Bankrupt since we were born
“But it’s a life of opportunities if you don’t waste it”
Proclaims a veteran of the class war

When the never ending feeling
That you’re meant for something more
Meets the always open mouth that says
I ain’t seen you here before
You plead “an act of desperation is what brought me here”
In crushing defiance all you see
Is one and then the other ear

Are you happy to be the dog
Getting kicked under the table
Taking scraps when they’re willing and you’re able
We’re just trying to pay our dues
But the price is through the roof
The evidence you don’t need
You’re the living proof

Do you ever go to bed with the feeling
That you won’t wake the next day
I surely do sometimes I must say
When you wake are you relieved
Happy just to be alive
Neither am I
Track Name: Life Killss
I can tell by the shit on the floor of your car
That you ain’t entertained much this far
But honey I just came to drink your wine
So you can still have me in for the night

My friends, they come and they go as it suits them
The stupid lazy fucks I call neighbours, they don’t know nothing
My folks don’t understand why I don’t give a damn about
What makes sense according to them

Come home to hear that the TV’s been on
Poison is dripping from venomous tongues
But you like it too much to raise alarm
Besides the virgin sits above your door
And she’s smiling down upon...

I like where I’m living in this part of town
But mostly when it’s getting late and there’s no one else around
All the shops I walk by have lights off, blinds drawn
The cars on the highway are all that make a sound

You’re young, you’re rich and you’re stuck in the ditch
Still young enough to have a head full of shit

Well I know your kind
The mile highs
The painted eyes
The Cinderella thighs
And I know that it’s all a disguise
That’s why honey it ain’t no surprise
To see your eyes fall on down to mine