by Black Dogs

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released April 27, 2017

Recorded and mixed by David Gervais at Swell Studios.
All songs written by Gavin Dyke/Black Dogs



all rights reserved


Black Dogs Ottawa, Ontario

Folk music. The familiar and the unknown.

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Track Name: Hitchcock Double Bill At The Mayfair
The weekend is almost over
The damn thing just began
I want to close my eyes to the signs of its ageing
Once and forever, again

While you thumb the lip of your paper coffee cup
And I stare at the sidewalk where we sit
We're either waiting for everything to come crashing down
Or the current moviegoers to exit

There are no sins we could know in the faithless nights
The few enough times we could muster up the fight

When you ask the same old questions time and time again
I can't answer without hiding my face and covering my mouth
Well there's one thing I can't lie about
You and I and everybody know about
And it's staring us down as it's walking up the street

It was a spitting image
Came in spitting distance
But nothing you or I could have done
Would have changed what we'd seen

There are no truths we have told in a world of lies
Not one that we've known but it ain't like we ain't tried
Track Name: Let Loose
The crushed stone and concrete under step of your feet reminds you that you yearn to be free
Having never known such a thing you take what you can get and cross to the other side of the street
With a sense of obligation looming larger than self-preservation you take the hits as they come
You'd turn the other cheek to offer lessons from the meek but the other is just as bloodied up

Oh, what kind of lessons have we learned these years?
Teacher, teacher, teacher, you've been boring us to tears

The news anchor tells me of community events and, without a change in his voice, he speaks of all the lives dispensed
To hell with my problems and the plight of WWIII the music from the box is moving, it's a lovely machine
But don't you tell me about the characters in those TV shows as though their names might ring some bell, as though they're someone I should know
You consume them much faster than they digest, they stay fresh too long on your mind, they hang for too long on your breath

Oh, but we're not bad people, we're just scared
I've got to bury bury bury my burdens and my fears in the air

It's been months since I've been one to speak without recourse but I'm gonna try something out on you if you don't mind, of course
Honey, I ain't rich and I know you ain't easy but I've got a $20 bill that oughtta get us through a couple of breezies
But you used the image of a bird over the water to remind me how you yearn to be free
Now I wonder when your wings grow tired, where will you go but right back to from where you flee?

Oh, don't take this the wrong way
I've found a new lining, it ain't silver, but it'll do for today
Track Name: Shepherds, It's Time To Cull The Flock
I've grown tired of working hard
Waiting for the others to collect their dues
So I started working on working less
But discovered I was working too hard on that too

My brothers like bookends, born the same day
One eldest one younger with two in the way
Though spread apart by country we now seem to be
Brother I'd keep your lover under lock and key

Don't you sing me a song about how you want
To be a rock'n'roll superstar
When we're all just trying to get by

Make the boys do it on their own
It's the only way they're ever gonna learn
If they don't make it on through, that's OK
Survival is only for the strong

It's only entertainment
Go on home and throw in the blanket
The anthems that they're singing
Ain't meant for you to sing along to

Don't you sing me a song about how you want
To be a rock'n'roll superstar
When we're all just trying to get by

Invasive species, such as Europeans and TVs
Have taught us that the nice guys finish last
To either speak from the heart or keep quiet is only a waste of your time
And time is precious until it's stuck in the past
Track Name: Little Brother
Little brother I was on my way
When they pulled me off to the side
Then the damn cop stared me straight in the eye
Before he took away my ride

Now kid I ain't gonna make it
So you can put those plans aside
But I hope you get my message
And I hope you get it on time

Some men, they got pride
Thicker than the mud you sling
They'll take you right outside
Just for telling them what you think

Kid, you can learn the hard way
Or you can listen to what I say
Make of it, do with it what you will
But it could save your neck some day

Sometimes you put your head down
You turn your cheek and you take the hit
Sometimes you stare right back in his eyes
And get a mouth full of mud to sling

Listen to this next part
It cuts and hurts them more with stones and sticks
But whoever said that words don't leave marks
Ain't never been on the receiving end

It's only wrong what I did
If you don't have the badge or the bigger gun
I'm afraid I've started something I can't stop
You'll have to finish what I've begun