It Either Happens All At Once Or It Never Comes At All

by Black Dogs

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released April 2, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Mike Laing, Winter 2013.
All songs written and performed by Black Dogs.



all rights reserved


Black Dogs Ottawa, Ontario

Folk music. The familiar and the unknown.

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Track Name: Peace, Love & Frailty
It’s the kind of day you wake up with a head full of splinters
But mamma gave me pills to keep my head up through the winter
I know I ain’t got it that bad, there’s not much that hinders
But I also know what ain’t right, so I don’t focus on the difference

Well it ain’t no one but me and cab drivers out on the road tonight
But all along I hear the sirens of hatred, frailty and violence
It’s what we now expect in the land of seasonal tires
So put your plans up on the shelf until the mercury rises

Lonesome Paul you dropped something twenty feet ago
But don’t you worry, I’ll see to it your cigarettes get smoked

I’ve broken life down into a series of expenses
By now I’ve gained a good misconception of how we ought to spend it
With one hand on the wheel and the other below the dash
I’m hiding what it is you think you need that gonna help you to remember

So if you’re thinking that you’re special cause you helped the kids in Africa
Or maybe that you’re dangerous cause the cops are coming after you
You still ain’t likely to look inside and find yourself an Atticus
But me, I’m not judging cause this couldn’t even pass for a –

John Prine, circa 1985 or anything in between
No, it’s nothing but the new day sentiments of
Peace, love and frailty
Track Name: Come On Baby, Waste My Time
I carry what needs protection in the ditch of my elbow
To keep danger at bay I swing openly and I bellow
And I am softly hating everything I’m seeing
And all that’s going on around me

A salesman of lanterns on the year’s longest night
Has come to my window to offer me some of his light
He begs me not to look with anticipation to the future
Cause the past was never better and the present never really suits you
Oh why won’t he go to die alone
And leave me on my own

She says I don’t think you really want to be happy
As though she’s on to me
I said Honey, look around you and tell me who would want to be
When what concerns us only treads water
Until more waves come along that are swifter and higher
And everyone’s talking in tones to suggest that they know
What they’re saying
But I know they really don’t

So you’re sick and you’re tired of living a life of poverty
But you don’t want to compromise your morals for a little more money
You want the cash to come to you without the guilt
But it only ever seems as though it’s gonna come as a package deal

I say there ain’t no goddamn highway gonna take you down to hell
No, it’s found in back alleys, suburban streets and
Way up high on the very top shelf
So you can go on and take the high and righteous road for now
Cause sooner or later you’re bound to come crawling back down
And when you do I’ll be standing in your shoes
Having walked the long and hungry mile back down too
Track Name: I Can't Start Now, I've Already Begun
You used to let your humour shield you
Now you’re not so funny anymore
Come on Michael, row your boat ashore
Michael don’t come round here no more

I don’t care which number you prescribe to
I don’t see no more innocence inside you
Hey baby, what you smiling for
What’s it to you
Go on baby, walk through the door
What’s waiting won’t wait long for sure

Shaky hands and a voice that match
Ordered just what came on recommendation
Something dark on the rocks
Got an mouth full of sand
Don’t let them fool you
Michael don’t bail out the boat
We’re all going down, don’t you know
Track Name: Naturally Occurring Humans
The first monkey to climb out the tree
Didn’t have much to say
Cause there was not much to see
But, Brother, please fetch me my stick
It is all that I need.

Fallen to the ground in the canvas-painted view
The nurse she came crying, asking
What do we do?
Tell me the truth, give me one good bit of news.

The rest of the unit had to pick up the slack
They all gathered round as his vision turned black
He said Comrades go forth on the ground,
There is no turning back.

The top of the barrel living in luxury
Ever distancing themselves from the line of poverty
Though even in the digital media age
There still ain’t no immortality

My lover come closer
Don’t stand in the door
It’s not raining in here, but outside it will pour
And my body’s a better puller than a pusher
So keep the sheets close to yours.

Yes I heard that David wept
For the lord in his bed
In the moments of his final heartbeats
And men will try anything once
In feigned certainty