Quarter Life Crisis

by Black Dogs

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released April 2, 2014

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Isaac Vallentin in Spring 2013.
All songs written and performed by Black Dogs.



all rights reserved


Black Dogs Ottawa, Ontario

Folk music. The familiar and the unknown.

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Track Name: G.U.I.L.T.
Fucking burnouts took my very last dime
Young man on a spree
I’ve lost my patience for the very last time
Now my heart aches from hard labour
And my hands smell of dirt and sweat
I’ve done something other men
Might come to regret
But city slicker never shed a tear
I long to be far away from here
Passed out in suburbs
Living in fear of
What smells the winds bring near

Matthew get your gun
The money burns much faster than it comes
And we ain’t got a decent way to make a living
So we might as well live on the run
Yeah, Matthew get your gun

Thinking sharp looking sharper
Acting smart but dressing smarter
You’ve got a way with words
But I got away with murder
Scratched and harried
Grin and bear it
Ain’t there reason, ain’t there reason to grieve
When the sirens blare and the crowds flare
In the sweltering summer air
But this, ladies and gentlemen
Is for what we’ve prepared
Cause there’s really nothing ever quite as exciting
As this now is there

No there’s not
So Matthew pick them off
Nothing said has been worth a single thought
So Matthew pick them off

It was a double handed operation
The damn things were just too tight
Do you carry yourself as your grandmother did
When she was your age
I bet that you just might
I’ve grown sick of excuses
Concerning and following the statement
‘I’m a grown man’
Oh, what a fright

Failure is not an option
It’s mandatory
Put the knife to your own neck
Push the bullet through your head
Say goodnight
Track Name: Aim High
I am the product of a divorce
Between history and a personal discourse
That never made its way from the mouth of the horse

I followed my dreams down through the seams
All along the way just counting the days
Waiting for a knock on the door to come my way

Now in assless chaps of cowboys past
We’re looking for new trails that blaze brighter
Than those we’ve set out in our own sights

But restless we’ve come to retire
Your offerings have killed all that we desire
And everything that you’ve taken has put out the fire

Ignorant veil don’t get ahead of yourself
Set the bait cast the line and drag them all to hell
The pain that you’ve suffered won’t be remedied
Until you can bring down that goddamn white whale

I found it not impressive but rather expected
That you did not deliver what I came to find
So here I sit stacking piles of pennies high

As I can make them go and I climb to the top
I think it’s not a bad deal, it’s just you ought to know
I think it ain’t bad, it’s just you ought to know

A man came to my store
A purveyor of the message of the lord
He said I’ll do you a favour
I’ll share with you the good word
It’s simple you’ve just got to live to serve.

I said Buddy, I’m only serving cause I’m trying to live
I know it’s not much but for right now
It’s all I’ve got to give
If you want to be a help I could use a lift.

He said where to
I said anywhere but here
He didn’t like that much so he drove me clear
Straight through to the middle of my nightmares

I met my match there
He had nothing to say, nothing to share
He just stared me down and said
Boy come here
Then he leaned and he whispered
Something in my ear

He said hello my name is Hellhole
And I can tell we’re going to get along just fine
Sometimes I stumble and I fall but I promise
I’m going to take you with me every time

He seemed generously funded
But his knife appeared blunted
Never mind what you think you know
About the noble hunter

Take a fish out of water
What it flounder without making a single sound
Hit me without words
Then he showed me something I could not endure

There was a man rolling pennies in his hand
And a cat took its calculated step
A knock on the door came the same as before
This time with darker clouds overhead

So burn the bridge
Burn every damn thing on it
And commit it to the
Blurdome of your memory

It’s time to dig deep young fisherman
Deeper and deeper
And now tell me
Is there not a hook stuck in your cheek
Track Name: Piloting
Grey skies walk you home from school
Darkening by fifteen shades of blue
Why don’t you remember what I told you
Give me a word rhyming with orange
And I’ll tell you what’s going through my head

Got my foot in the door now it won’t leave
Stretch out my arm to yours grab hold of my hand
And take the lead
Fist in my mouth find it harder to scream
Bite down hard and just let it bleed
For the next few years
What do they hold
More than the last few I surely don’t hope

Don’t worry never fear
These things happen this time every year
It’s just a textbook case of
If there’s one thing you should realize
It’s tucked behind everybody’s eyes
One thing goes to show
I am afraid of almost everything that I don’t know

Let’s swap stories let’s trade sin for sin
To see what trouble we’re in
Life in shades of grey
What’s that you’re saying
Don’t be so hopeful but don’t walk away
You can tell me what it’s like
When you’re on your own
When everybody cares but nobody knows
For us both new might do some good
This just goes to show
Track Name: Look Away
What do you know
And who have you told
And what does it mean
If anything at all

Time takes its space
To give and erase
Memories of one from
Behind my face

Didn’t think it would rain
But I don’t like the looks
Didn’t think you were game
But you take out vendettas
Like library books

I’ve lost sleep and weight
Over all that I’d take
But nevertheless
It kept coming my way

This ain’t nothing new
That I’ve learned from you
I know there’s a right way
But not what do

Didn’t think it would rain
But I don’t like the looks
But with the sunshine or a phone call
That does me good

Look away boy, look away
Be afraid child, be afraid
Cause this means nothing at all
But it’s all that I’ve got