So Far From Free

by Black Dogs

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released December 12, 2016

Recorded and mixed by David Gervais at Swell Studios.
All songs written by Gavin Dyke/Black Dogs



all rights reserved


Black Dogs Ottawa, Ontario

Folk music. The familiar and the unknown.

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Track Name: Song For A Friend
I wish you'd come here more often
For to hear you on the phone, to see you in pictures
Only makes me feel alone
One day when I quit all this guitar playing
And we quit our belly aching
We'll know it's time that it's safe to say
That we're done and not just for today

The country is quiet and the city is lonely
That's the difference between you and me, the one and only

They called us fence sitters
Yeah, to be quite sure
We never knew what to make
Of their rules and impending heartbreak
Now your body turns and twists and
Your body burns and blisters
Of you I know these things
For I see them in sanguine dreams

It's a fool who thinks
He can get back to from where he came
And perfection is an inherently unhuman game
But man I swear there was this one time
We had 'em all lined up like pins
And there ain't much I'd stop short of
To try and get back there again

The country is quiet and the city is lonely
That's the difference between you and me, the one and only
Track Name: Good News From The Frontiers
Every other weekend when the local dive gets filled
With people filling up on the gov't bill
The air is filled with voices set to drown each other out
Doesn't mean there are real words coming out of those mouths

Cause a word is a dangerous thing to hold onto
Especially in these parts where they're coated in cheap booze
They'll move onto whatever's the next gospel that they can and
They'll leave you to tumble and they'll leave you on the mend

Routine is the death of any man whose worth his wage
And this job has got the better of me
I've exhausted all the options I could try to exercise
And these men pray to things that they don't believe
Every other Friday we're the richest men in the world
And every other Thursday we've got nothing to unfurl

I may not be the smartest or the richest man that's been
But I can hear the voice as it comes crawling above the din
And you won't find me warming any bar stools tonight if you know what I mean, and I think that you do
It's just getting too late in the week

E.E. Cummings wrote something like 'the godless and the damned are dull and doomed'
Well fear not, for we have gods and they go boom
Track Name: It Was A Good Dog Til It Got Pregnant
Every time that it gets a little harder to dig up the answers
Well I dig a little farther
Got something to say I've got a signed unsealed letter
I'm feeling OK now, I'd like to feel a whole lot better
Tongue in my cheek and your foot in my mouth
Gonna get down to business gonna work this thing out

There are a good many things I've been looking for Kirk
But the winter's coming on so I put my head down to work
I'm chasing a feeling you'd better believe
I'll let you know just what that means when I get some relief

What's mine ain't really mine they let me know before the fall
With a calculated risk, wasn't risky at all
Their words sound like the preacher's they're far too familiar
Now the tassel's filled with iron and it's pounding in my ears
But time heals wounds and it dampens remorse
So one day I won't regret tripping my way through all them doors

They've done it before when they made famous a horse
Sticking globs of peanut butter in the corners of his mouth
To have us all believe he could speak out loud
Well I guess they just don't make them like they use to

Use to believe in salvation when salvation lay in you
My prayers these days sound more like plea's, does that make them untrue
We got together for the thrill of it all
Now we spend the evenings indoors and work the weekends to keep off calls
She says the tears are unrelated but I know the real reason
No matter when we toil it's never the right season